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Our Sustainability Policy


At Cheriton Treehouse we are committed to environmental sustainability. We implement highly effective, considered strategies that seek to minimise our carbon footprint. Cheriton Treehouse’s luxury, environmentally friendly accommodation focuses on creating an immersive retreat that helps our guests connect to their well-being sustainably without compromising on the comfort, standards and enjoyment of their stay.


We are undertaking the following actions to strive to responsibly lessen our impact on the environment wherever we sensibly can, by: 

  • Sourcing all fabrics sustainably.

  • Never using single-use plastic.

  • Providing natural, organic free-trade soaps and shampoo. 

  • Recycling all paper, packing, labels, newspapers, glass, batteries, fluorescent and long life bulbs, cans and cartridges.

  • Using only eco-friendly cleaning products and sanitizers.

  • Sustainably sourcing FSC certified wood.

  • Implementing energy-saving lighting.

  • Considering the impact on the environment in the everyday decision making of the running of the treehouse.

  • Encouraging our guests to explore the local attractions by public transport, bicycle or on foot by providing information on walks, cycle routes and cycle hire information and bus timetables.

  • Providing local, organic, sustainable food and drink recommendations.

  • Providing local, environmental charity recommendations.

  • Providing local, sustainable events and experiences recommendations.

  • Providing educational and informational resources on the local biodiversity and wildlife.


We will continue to:

  • Use low energy light bulbs.

  • Monitor our energy consumption of gas, electricity and water.

  • Use electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper.

  • Turn off unnecessary lights and taps.

  • Buy in bulk.

  • Fully comply with all UK environmental laws and regulations.

  • Monitor and record our environmental performance to ensure year on year improvement.

  • Implement our environmental purchasing policy which gives preferences to goods and services with the least possible environmental impacts.

  • Provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our environmental objectives.

  • Treat all our waste water through the Cheriton Treehouse treatment plant. We recycle it to irrigate our gardens and do not discharge any wastewater into the pond


We are working on projects to:

  • Get involved in local community projects.

  • Reduce water use by continuing to fit water saving devices in toilets.

  • Donate bathroom products to local homeless charities.

  • Comply with the law in all our actions and will continuously review our policy to improve our environmental impact.


We would like to enlist the help of our guests in achieving our aims by asking them to:

  • Turn off lights when leaving the room.

  • Turn off the television when leaving the room.

  • Turn off taps.

  • Limit the use of heating and turn it off when a window or door is open to the outside.

Our Green Story

For a long time I have been interested in sustainable structures embedded in nature. In particular I have been inspired by Scandinavian treehouses. When looking for a company to build Cheriton Treehouse I was impressed by Bowerhouse Construction’s use of local materials that require traditional craftsmanship and the latest environmentally-conscious technologies. Driven by my strong sustainability principles my goal was to build a treehouse that would have a minimal design impact and would heighten the beauty of the surrounding landscape. 

Our Green Action Initiatives

At Cheriton Treehouse we strive wherever possible to protect the wonderfully biodiverse surrounding landscape by being as sustainable and eco-friendly as we can by:

  • Insulating the treehouse to the highest standards and installing zoned heating and lighting to minimise energy usage;

  • Encouraging guests to recycle and compost food waste with clear instructions of what can be recycled;

  • Using environmentally-friendly chemicals for cleaning and guests use;

  • Locally sourcing eco-friendly products;

  • Implementing biodiversity initiatives in the woodland including bat, bird and dormouse boxes and planting new native trees;

  • Aiming to use less resources year on year and consider alternative practices to minimise the damage we do to the environment. 

  • Supporting our local Avalon Community Energy charity through active membership;

  • Providing our guests with information on the local wildlife and habitats;

  • Applying for Green Check accreditation and improving our green initiatives wherever possible in our business - this demonstrates our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and ensures legal compliance.

Our Green Purchasing Policy

1. Every purchase must cover a real need of the treehouse whilst taking into account the treehouse category.


2. In any negotiation with the supplying company, we will inform them about our company’s environmental policy and we will ask the supplier to inform us about the various environmentally-friendly products on offer. In addition, we will inform the suppliers about the environmentally-friendly specifications that are of interest to us and we will inquire whether the company in question has a similar policy. These specifications are based on specific European Union and international regulations, as well as scientific information on the respective subjects.


In order for the purchase of any product to be realised, three conditions should apply:

  • the above mentioned specifications should be complied with as far as possible;

  • there should be no alternatives available;

  • the price should be identical or slightly above the price of the respective “conventional” product.


3. Priority will be given to products from the local markets (on a regional, area and county level) provided that they meet the requirements and basic needs of the company. As far as the final decision on any purchase is concerned, the important factor of product transportation should always be considered, from the point of view of both air pollution and fuel consumption (non-renewable sources of energy) during transportation.


4. Priority should be given to recyclable and returnable products as well as those from recycled materials (mostly paper, aluminium, glass, plastic) without excessive multiple packaging (the more complex a product is, the more materials are used in its production and the more waste is disposed of into the environment).


5. In general, preference is given, wherever possible, to the purchase of products in bulk and re-useable or returnable packages. This practice reduces both the cost and the useless packaging that ends up as waste.


6. The purchase of items such as disposable items are to be avoided and, wherever their use is necessary, biodegradable products are preferred.


7. Among the artificial and chemical products of everyday use, preference is given to those with the least damaging effects on the environment and human health.


8. The purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables and the promotion, wherever possible, of Somerset, local, traditional products and organic cultivation products should be applied.


9. Regarding the purchase of equipment, priority is given to the products that consume less water, energy and fuel and do not contain CFCs.


10. The use of materials containing substances dangerous to public health and the environment (such as organic solvents, asbestos, lead, polyurethane, etc.) should be avoided in the construction of the treehouse, manufacturing of furniture, insulation & decoration during renovations.


ATTENTION: Objects and materials from tropical forests and animals protected by the CITIES international treaty (e.g. turtles, crocodiles, elephants, etc.) are to be avoided.

Planting & Maintenance of Biodiversity at Cheriton Treehouse

At Cheriton Treehouse we actively help support and promote biodiversity within our business. The large pond, built by Dorset Aquatics, supports a wide range of biodiversity; from our ducks and their ducklings to our pair of silver birch trees. The pond is reviewed by specialists every 3 or 4 months. We also selectively mow the grass on the banks of the pond creating areas for natural plants to grow allowing the process of natural succession to occur - from the pond up to the gardens of the main house. A member of staff monitors the impact of the planting and the wildlife every day. Our gardener comes in regularly to maintain the pond, the grasses and the landscape in general.


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